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If you are reading this as a past Brownie, Girl Guide, Girl Scout, Ranger, Leader or Brown Owl, can I ask you to take a moment to reflect if you would be the woman you are today without the lessons, friendships, skills, and fun experiences that you gained as a Girl Guide or Girl Scout.

International Women’s Day is about celebrating the strong, brave, and passionate women of the world. The women who are fighting to create a just and fair future for all of us to live in.

With your kind donation to celebrate this International Women’s Day, you are giving more girls access to Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting. These are girls who are asking for their inclusion in decision making, girls who are speaking out to defend injustice at the UN Commission on the Status of Women –the leading stage to fight for female empowerment. It is down to you, that these women will also be taking stage at the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – the most progressive global platform for advancing women’s rights. These are girls who are fighting for gender equality, and the right to continue school with their brothers. Your kind gift will support young women in their fight to end violence against women. Girls such as Isabella Kaldas from Brazil who is trying to make the boys in her local community understand why they should give a voice to girls.

The theme for International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’. With a gift of £100 or whatever sum pleases you, you will stand in solidarity with women around the world who are donating to support future generations of trail blazing girls and young women.

Together we can fight for equality. Together we can fight for an end to gender bias.

Stand with the girls and young women of the Movement. Donate today and lead the change.

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